Sales-Management System

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System Attributes
Name Soft-Sales Management System
Version v1.0
Technologies Laravel - PHP Framework, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery, Twitter Bootstrap
Supported Browsers Tested and works well with All Browsers
Release Date Oct 20, 2016
Next Update June 2017

Keep All your Business Records Safe, Accurate and easily Accessible to you from wherever you are and get access to exlusive features such as Daily and Monthly Reports, Transaction tracking, Graphical Representations of Business transactions, etc...

What is Soft-Sales Management System?

Soft-Sales Management System is a web-based generic software system designed to sell and manage supermarket products. It can run on any browser both online and offline depending on the needs of a particular business. Soft-Sales Management System offers a variety of features such as stock recording, updating, stock sales, daily and monthly report generating and security login for all activities in the system.

Soft-Sales Management system is tested and been used in Several Supermarkets and can be customized to suit any business interest for proper management of business transactions.


  • Stock Updates and sales tracking
  • Daily and Monthly Reports
  • Tracks Most Selling Items
  • Graphical illustration of Sales performance
  • Admin and Sales Person Accounts
  • Registration and Login for users
  • Password Reset
  • User friendly
  • Beautiful Interface
  • High Security

System Requirements

Hardware requirements

At least 1 computer with 500GB HDD, 2GB RAM, 1.6 GHz

Software requirements

It can run on any Operating System (OS) such as Windows, IOS, LINUX etc…

It is tested and runs perfectly on all browsers

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